Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy News from Suzanne in the Peace Corps

Buenas tardes amigos!

How are you? How is vacation, grad school, working a real job, summer training and getting ready for pre-season? What else are you up to?

Most recently (5 minutes ago)..Sitting in frigid computer center in downtown Zacate I checked the Peace Corps website and discovered that my recently posted computer lab parternship project proposal had dissappeared completely. Every other pending project was still there. Mine? Missing. My first reaction was panic. Did I screw up the budget? The community contribution was left at 00.0 --a definite mistake.. I called the Peace Corps office . . . It turns out that one of their biggest donors came in yesterday, picked it off the list and wrote the check. Crazy. So pretty soon we should have a fully functioning school computer lab in Carrizal...

Project description:®ion=latinamerica

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